axis aha!

A Conversational AI agent for Axis Bank powered by Active.Ai


Crafting and developing an intelligent Conversational AI agent for Axis Bank, one of the leading banking institutions in the India, Axis Aha! allows users to experience banking in its most fundamental form – conversation. 

Data is increasingly becoming more unstructured (eg. messaging netwroks have surpassed traditonal networks). Therefore a new trend in user experience has been moving towards a more dynamic and personalised design. The Conversational Experience allows users to have the simplest and quickest banking experience


simple and quick yet intuitive

dynamic and personalised flow

easy discoverability

Conversational Experience

The new form of navigation of the UI is through having a conversation with the AI. Interactions are simple and limited to ease for the user to have to think 


Conversational Flow

As an unstructured conversation, no one can predict nor dictate the way a user will speak. So the the aim was to make the experience and the flow dynamic, changing the language and actions to follow the user’s behaviour and skill level.



As a simple chat, it is sometimes difficult for new users to find out all the myriad of actions and tasks you can perform. So I added a discoverability feature that can help teach the user what they can do.