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A branding concept for the Singapore Heritage Festival 2017

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The Singapore Heritage Festival is all about bringing expanding people’s views on Singapore. Set up by the National Heritage Board,  it helps bring our rich multicultural heritage to our doorstep.


For 2017, the main goal was to highlight the richness of the different cultures that we have and how to show that our rich multicultural heritage is what makes Singapore … well, Singapore!


To give a spotlight on all the different cultures helps the entire nation feel at home, especially for smaller minority groups of various backgrounds who aren’t talked about as much.


To create an identity that would help showcase the wildly diverse peoples of our nation, showing how our multicultural heritage is what makes us Singaporean.


We wanted to capture this feeling for the younger generation of Singaporeans, who we call the globalised local


This is a generation of Singaporeans that is more connected to the world more than to their own local culture, and are less aware of their multicultural heritage than most, through no fault of their own.


This year’s festival will try to help carry on the multicultural flame on by showing them what it means to a Singaporean.  


This project came about with the concept of diversity in Singapore and my experiences with it.

Source: 粿 | Kueh by Lee Xin Li on Behance

This was the notes we took in our focus group discussion about racial diversity in Singapore

Concept Board, where asked both locals and foreigners to show what they genuinely thought of Singapore in genuine handwriting. I had asked them to write it around around the words "My Home" in the four languages.


This shows a visual a visual representation to break out of the "Four Races" concept to show that Singapore is much more than that. 


As the project progressed, I thought of putting my own take on the the branding or the Singapore Heritage Festival, an event organised by the Singapore Heritage Board

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On the next step, the branding and overall campaign was supposed to reflect a tapestry of languages, showing a blend of Singapore's rich linguistic heritage that transcends the "Typical Four".

Targeting a younger generation, I wanted to create more of an online presence for the SHF. 

My plan was to partner with Google as it is a company that values diversity and has a good cultural presence in this day and age.

The campaign was to use Google various services like Google Doodles, Google Arts & Culture, Google Maps, etc. to help promote the Singapore Heritage Festival on Google's massive platform, which would have given Google more traffic with fun new looks.

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Visual Design



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